Gate Opener Replacements

Gate Opener Replacement Thousand Oaks CAMost mechanical moving gate parts get worn down. One that is no different is the residential gate openers. They can start malfunctioning for a number of reasons. First and the most obvious physical damage caused to the motor due to an accident. If your gate opener is hit or damaged by weather it could stop functioning. Installing a new opener is not too much of an issue.

Don’t wait too long!

Repair is usually the first solution for any part of the gate but if your gate has an issue that has yet to be addressed replacement is the best solution to avoid future problems. Furthermore, your gate working well will provide peace of mind and the same level of security that was there before. If a component on your gate is not working properly like swing gate hinges, sliding gate wheels , or the chain on your gate it’s definitely time to give us a call. First the swing gate’s metal hinges can break or rust with time getting the parts replaced can ensure that the gate will have more longevity. Moreover, if the gate wheels break or bend they can be replaced as well as any other part that might have been damaged. If your opener is squeaking due to a rusty chain we can replace the chain to ensure your motor isn’t damaged by the rusty chain.

Upgrading your gate parts

Upgrading can happen for a number of reasons one of which including changing the aesthetics of the gate, another is security. Upgrading your gates keypad and motor raises the security of your establishment not to mention most keypads help increase security from entry thanks to its key-less system and the fact that you can change the code regularly to increase security. Gates can last a very long time when maintained properly and there are a number of reasons to check if you need to upgrade. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.