OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany homeowners and properties use gate systems to protect their area. It keeps their property safe and secure from unwanted guests.


Owners will decide between using a swinging gate and sliding gate depending on the gates access point and location.

With several more components for your commercial gate system being needed.


Most people think of the gate opener as some type of remote or device that’s able to open or close it’s access point.

The gate opener is a mechanical device that’s use to open the gate. The gate opener could be attached to the gate itself, it could be a box along the line of the fence, or even placed underground.


Using Mechanical Or Hydraulic…


You can either use commercial gate openers that’s mechanical or hydraulic. Anytime you use mechanical gate openers it can be high voltage or low voltage. These days low voltage systems use solar panels to keep the system operating during a power outage.


Mechanical gate openers are normally used for driveway gates and barrier gates. Barrier gates can be installed in places like the parking garage entry and exit, just to give someone a good idea of what type of gate this is.


Mechanical gates tend to draw power from the main line that’s either high or low voltage. That’s why back up power systems are much needed in case the power goes out. Even though solar panels are starting to gain more popularity and some gate openers are 100% powered by solar panels.


Most gate openers stills have a back up battery power system. ┬áThe other type of gate opener that’s commonly use is the hydraulic one, which uses hydraulic fluids and is capable with opening traditional driveway gates or even larger commercial gates.


One of the benefits you’ll have using hydraulic openers is it can be turn into a non locking gate. This will reduce any exterior damage that it can get if it’s ever struck by a vehicle. People usually prefer hydraulic gate systems as they open larger gates much quicker and can better sustain vehicle collisions.

No matter what type of gate opener you use. Safety is always first priority for the manufacturer, the purchaser, installing company, and end user.